Sunday, October 9, 2016

Split Pages from Big PDF File

Have you ever been into situation that you have a big PDF file. But you want to have only some pages of that. For example you have PDF file with 40 pages and you want to have only 10 to 15 pages or so you want first page only or last page only. How will you do that without any Acrobat software like Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat reader. In this blog I am going to explain that.

First of all open that PDF file on Google Chrome Browser. If you don not have Google Chrome, download it as it's required. If you have file stored in your computer, right click on it and open it with Google Chrome. If there is a remote file. Open it in new tab of Google Chrome. It should look something like this.

Do you see print icon on top right side, Check the above screenshot. That's the print icon. Click on that. It should bring following print popup.

If you have printer installed it will be selected by default as destination in left hand side. We don't want to print file. Click on Change button under destination and select "Save as PDF" option.

No in pages by default all will be selected. Instead of all pages, select other option bottom of it and give page range. 

For example if you want first page only. it should be.


If you want 5 to 10 pages, it should be.

5-10 etc.

Click on save and it will only save the pages you have mentioned. That's it and with this trick you can split PDF files with only required pages. Hope this helps you.