Saturday, December 31, 2016

Google Chrome - What is the Extensions?

As I am software engineer, I used to work with Google Chrome on day to day basis. Recently I explained one of my client about Google Chrome extension and make him understand how to work with. This leads me to create this blog post as most of the audience do not know anything about extensions and how to use it.

What is Google Chrome Extensions?

Google chrome is not just browser that can be used to surf the internet but it also supports additional functionalities with Chrome Extension. Chrome Extension is like a plugins or installable programs which is installed in your chrome browser and you can open it with Google Chrome and use the functionalities with it.  It's like small programs that add new features to your browser and personalize your browsing experience. There is market place for it where you can find number extensions that you can install. Check the following link.

As you can see here there are number of extensions available here in various categories like, shopping, sports, productivity etc. You can use extensions for various purpose. For example

  • Check Live Cricket Score
  • Email Updates
  • Online Shopping
  • Price Comparison
  • Live and Breaking News
  • Picture Gallery

You can search for the required extension and install it your Google Chrome.

Once the extension is installed you can open it from Apps Menu in Mac OSX and from settings in Windows. Just click on the extension you want to open, and it will open it in separate window where you can use it. 

If you want to disable extension, you can delete it from settings - > Extensions.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Online Shopping - Don't Just See the Website Name, It May Be Fraud

This blog is coming out of a conversation with my father on buying Smartphone online. Father was looking on WhatsApp messages in groups and there was a message of great deal of Redmi Note Phone.

The message was something like this.

Buy Redmi Note on Amazon - 95% off. Price : Only 500 Rs.

Now that is surely a great deal. Redmi Note is good smartphone and as per above message it selling on 95% off. And my father wanted to buy a Smartphone for me as I am using 8 years old Nokia Phone. Why I am using it is another story.

So curiously, father clicked on Link and it opened in browser and it shows decent Amazon website where all the specifications of the phone were displayed with discounted price and great reviews y customers and all. By looking at it anyone will be in impression that it's an Amazon website. So father called me and tell me about this deal and asked me to place order immediately.

I took his phone in my hand and see the deal but as I am aware about frauds like this. I checked the URL in browser and it looked something like this.

Now that is suspicious. Why amazon will use this type of domains to sell the stuff. They have their own domain like for India and for world wide.

Then I explained father that it's a fraud. It's fake website and it's using layout and display like Amazon to trap the shoppers and steal their information.

All the online shoppers , please note that if you are looking at the great deals from Amazon, eBay or FlipKart or any major online shopping site, please check the link / URL in browser at a top.

These big brands have domains registered in their own name and that's the only genuine place to buy it. Most of the people who shops online remember the website with their colors and layouts and all and these frauds take an advantage of it and create their websites with these colors and layouts and also they use name of big brands like Amazon and then they circulate messages on WhatsApp or SMS or Emails where lots of people can fall on into this trap and place and order.

It may be possible that the order is placed but you will never get your items and also your information can be mis used.

So please don't fall into the TRAP.

Don't Just See the Website Name, Check Link / URL in Browser

Thursday, December 8, 2016

3 Major Challenges India Face in Going Cashless - DeMonetisatione

As we all know we are going through DeMonetisation phase where government has taken initiative to ban old notes and introduced new currency and during this phase, Government is peaching for cashless economy by encouraging people to use technology like e wallet, online banking, online shopping.

As an IT professional I really appreciate this move as this will surely benefit us in future. But for the time being there are some challenges we face for going cash less, in this blog I am going to explain what are those challenges and how we can overcome it.

1) Poor Internet Infrastructure and Internet Reach

This is the most common problem we face in India. Our Internet Infrastructure is poor till date. In may parts of the country there are no internet connections. In many part we still have to depend on Wireless connections, which are not reliable. And if there is a connection speed is very slow and not stable. Mobile Internet connections are also working slow. People are still using 2G connections in many part of area which is hard to use.

Take my example, I am leaving in Outer part of Ahmedabad and in my area there is still no reliable broadband connection. I am using wireless connections since last 3 to 4 years. 

To overcome this problem we must improve our internet infrastructure and make it available in all part of the country with decent speed that can be used without any difficulty. We must also increase mobile internet connections and spread it to all the areas.

2) IT Awareness, Awareness about Technology, IT Education

This is I think the biggest challenge we have. Most of the people don't know about technologies. They don't know about mobile / internet banking, online shopping, Paytm etc. Most of the people are also afraid of using technologies or use them in wrong way. That leads to other issues like fraud, cheating etc. 

For example, my cousin started using net banking but he saved username and password in draft SMS. Now that's the biggest mistake. If anyone see this, they can easily access it. This is the problem, people don't know about dangers of online technology.

  • They don't know what they should do and should not do while using technology.  
  • They don't know what can go wrong. 
  • They don't know what's the importance of strong password.
  • They don't know how to keep watch on their online activity.
  • They don't know what should do in case their accounts are hacked.
  • They don't know what is Paytm, what is Freecharge etc.
  • They don't know what information they should not keep on web.
To overcome this problem we must educate people about online technology, make them understand what are the benefits of it and what are the drawbacks, what security measures they have to take. 

3) IT Security

As I have mentioned in above that we need security measures to increase confidence in use of IT technology. There are lots of fraud happening in this. For example anyone calls you and claim that they are speaking from bank and ask about your confidential information and you don't know about it and give away your information and then you are doomed, in few minutes your account is empty. Same for online shopping, you order something and you never get it or get something else.

To prevent this and to increase confidence in online technology we must enforce IT security. We must have strict cyber laws to prevent frauds. Educate people about this so they don't get trapped in frauds. We must enforce this and gain use of technology.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Split Pages from Big PDF File

Have you ever been into situation that you have a big PDF file. But you want to have only some pages of that. For example you have PDF file with 40 pages and you want to have only 10 to 15 pages or so you want first page only or last page only. How will you do that without any Acrobat software like Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat reader. In this blog I am going to explain that.

First of all open that PDF file on Google Chrome Browser. If you don not have Google Chrome, download it as it's required. If you have file stored in your computer, right click on it and open it with Google Chrome. If there is a remote file. Open it in new tab of Google Chrome. It should look something like this.

Do you see print icon on top right side, Check the above screenshot. That's the print icon. Click on that. It should bring following print popup.

If you have printer installed it will be selected by default as destination in left hand side. We don't want to print file. Click on Change button under destination and select "Save as PDF" option.

No in pages by default all will be selected. Instead of all pages, select other option bottom of it and give page range. 

For example if you want first page only. it should be.


If you want 5 to 10 pages, it should be.

5-10 etc.

Click on save and it will only save the pages you have mentioned. That's it and with this trick you can split PDF files with only required pages. Hope this helps you.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

iMac, Macbook, Mac Mini - Can Not Shutdown Because Some Apps Are Not Closing

If you are Mac users you may have encountered that some times some applications refused to close and because of that you can not shut down your machine.

This is because these are called zombie processes stuck in some kind of dead lock and no matter what you do, it will not close. If you try quitting it or fore close it, it will not close. So how to over come this situation.

There is only one way to kill these application, and that is through command line. Here are the steps you have to follow.

1) Open Spotlight, Hit Command + Space

2) Type Terminal in it and hit enter.

3) This will open terminal window. Now type following command.

kill $(ps aux | grep 'Application' | awk '{print $2}')

Replace Application with name of application in above command. For example if OpenOffice is stuck then your command should be

kill $(ps aux | grep 'OpenOffice' | awk '{print $2}')

Replace Application with name of application in above command. For example if Xcode is stuck then your command should be

kill $(ps aux | grep 'Xcode' | awk '{print $2}')

This will kill that application and then you can easily shutdown your machine. Hope this helps you.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Not Sure What is Next In Your Schedule? Use This Hidden Feature of Google Calendar

In this blog I am going to explain one of the hidden and cool feature of Google Calendar. We all know Google Calendar is one of the best tool for your time management. You can schedule your appointments, meetings etc. in there and even it is integrated with gmail. How ever there is one cool feature of it and most of the users don't know about it. So in this blog I am going to explain this.

I have following meetings and tasks scheduled in Google Calendar for today.

After finishing some work I wanted to know what is next. So I have to go to google calendar and see my schedule. But then why to go to Google Calendar if you can get details directly in your Google Home page.

Go to Google Home page Please note,  You must be logged into your google account. And type following in search box.

what am I supposed to do next?

and it will show your next meeting details from Google calendar from current time on words.

So, very simple, schedule everything in Google Calendar and ask Google to what you have to next and you will get all your answers. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Copy Paste Content Without Styling from Webpage to Word Document or Email


In this blog I am going to explain the trick to copy paste content from webpage without styling.

All of you may have faced this issue at one point of time in your life. Say you are drafting an email and you want to copy paste some content from webpage. When you copy and paste, the content will be pasted with all the styling. For example,  you are trying to copy following content from some web page.

When you copy and paste this in email or in word document, following happens.

So, as you can see the content is copied with all the styling colors and font etc. This will be painful for you sometime as you have to change font color and size and everything again in your email and word document. So how to overcome this. Very simple, first you copy and paste this content in Notepad if you are using windows machine or copy and paste it in TextEdit or TextWrangler if you are using Mac Machine. This type of applications does not support any formatting so all the styles and formatting will be lost. See example below.

Now copy paste this content from Text application to your email and word and see you will see it will be in plain text format.

Hope this helps you.