Sunday, December 25, 2016

Online Shopping - Don't Just See the Website Name, It May Be Fraud

This blog is coming out of a conversation with my father on buying Smartphone online. Father was looking on WhatsApp messages in groups and there was a message of great deal of Redmi Note Phone.

The message was something like this.

Buy Redmi Note on Amazon - 95% off. Price : Only 500 Rs.

Now that is surely a great deal. Redmi Note is good smartphone and as per above message it selling on 95% off. And my father wanted to buy a Smartphone for me as I am using 8 years old Nokia Phone. Why I am using it is another story.

So curiously, father clicked on Link and it opened in browser and it shows decent Amazon website where all the specifications of the phone were displayed with discounted price and great reviews y customers and all. By looking at it anyone will be in impression that it's an Amazon website. So father called me and tell me about this deal and asked me to place order immediately.

I took his phone in my hand and see the deal but as I am aware about frauds like this. I checked the URL in browser and it looked something like this.

Now that is suspicious. Why amazon will use this type of domains to sell the stuff. They have their own domain like for India and for world wide.

Then I explained father that it's a fraud. It's fake website and it's using layout and display like Amazon to trap the shoppers and steal their information.

All the online shoppers , please note that if you are looking at the great deals from Amazon, eBay or FlipKart or any major online shopping site, please check the link / URL in browser at a top.

These big brands have domains registered in their own name and that's the only genuine place to buy it. Most of the people who shops online remember the website with their colors and layouts and all and these frauds take an advantage of it and create their websites with these colors and layouts and also they use name of big brands like Amazon and then they circulate messages on WhatsApp or SMS or Emails where lots of people can fall on into this trap and place and order.

It may be possible that the order is placed but you will never get your items and also your information can be mis used.

So please don't fall into the TRAP.

Don't Just See the Website Name, Check Link / URL in Browser

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