Saturday, December 19, 2015

Undo mail Sending in Gmail

Have you ever faced a situation where you drafted an email in your Gmail account and clicked on send and suddenly you realized that you made some mistake in mail message or you missed something to attach and if receiver gets this email with problems, you will be in big trouble. That's the moment you will think that, I wish I can take that email back, it may be surprise for you but many of the Gmail users don't know that there is a such feature in Gmail where you can undo sending emails in 30 seconds. Here is what you have to do.

1) Go to your gmail account, and click on Gear icon on right side, it will show a menu, from that select settings.

2) In a General Tab there is a feature called Undo Send, there will be checkbox on left side. Which should be unchecked for you. Check it and select the cancellation period from the drop down. At max you can send 30 seconds.

3) Click on Save Changes at bottom of the page. And you are done. Now send an email to user and after sending you will see following message.

If you click on Undo, you message sending will be undone and you will get that message open in draft again, you can make your changes and save it again. I hope this helps you.

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