Saturday, January 30, 2016

Play Offline Game in Chrome - Endless T-Rex running game

When you are too much dependent on Internet for the work so forgot sometimes that your computer even works without internet. So what to do when network is down for some reasons and you don't have anything on your computer which you can use to pass the spare time and cut down the boredom.

Well, now you don't have to worry about it because Google takes care of it. You can play Endless T-Rex running game in Google chrome. Here what you have to do.

When you are not connected with internet. Open Google Chrome, open new tab and type any valid website address for example and it will show you following image.

Now you thought, it's just a some kind of graphics or emoticons displayed. Well it's not. Just click on T-Rex (Dinosaur) and hit space and T-Rex will jump and start running.  See the below image. 

So the game is all about clearing all the obstacles. So when an obstacle comes, hit the space and T-Rex will clear the obstacle. You can play it as long as possible till T-Rex struck with an obstacle. That's where the game is over.

But never mind, you can again hit space and new game will start. You can see current score and HI Score on top right side. 

Have fun...

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